Our well-researched and carefully strategized fund promises high financial as well as social returns you can take pride in. With an approach that extends from protecting your profits to benefitting people to conserving the planet, Homz Fund is the missing piece in your investment portfolio.

Our investment
focuses on high FRoI
and SRoI. Here’s how.

Optimal selection of markets with two levels of analysis including rental growth prospects and the location potential

Competitive Advantage Our micro strategies aim at increasing wealth and driving profitability Principal Protection Risk Mitigation The core of our strategy to preserve the capital of investors Our macro strategies ensure controlled risk through a public-private partnership, diversified geographies, and sustainable development

Homz Fund does not concentrate all your funds into one property but distributes it across different developments in various states. This ensures risk-adjusted returns and utilization of opportunities from all across the country.

We select our markets with a two-way approach.

  • First, a top-down analysis based on the growth potential of the market in terms of rent growth, current cost burden on the renters, relative market pricing and US Market ratings.
  • Second, a bottom-up analysis that determines the overall growth promise that the region offers; including location benefits, connectivity to essential services, market perception, local market intelligence and submarket potential.

From pre-development to during-development to post-development, each stage offers the investors high financial returns that only rise higher.

wealth creation

Investing to create a lasting impact on the people and the planet

Fulfilling the rising demand of wellness-centric homes among renters Generating thousands of employment opportunities in the communities and sub-markets Building living experiences that preserve and enrich the environment